Where to buy good air purifiers

Walmartwalmart logo

Walmart stocks such top brands as Honeywell, Whirpool, Holmes,, Ionic Pro, and Envion. You can also find less popular options, such as Febreze. Mostly this store focuses on Honeywell purifiers. The variety of products in Walmart is impressive. One of the important advantages of this retailer is that it has brick and mortar stores that you can visit to take a closer look at the purifiers of your choice. You can buy all the related accessories, such as filters, UVC-bulbs, hoses and etc.

LowesLowes logo

Lowes offers such popular brands as Honeywell, Idylis, GermGuardian, BlueAir, and Winix. Most of the products sold at this store have HEPA or trueHEPA filters. The variety of Lowes air purifiers is rather large and so is the price range. However, it has fewer brands to offer than Walmart or Best Buy. You can also buy replacement filters and other air purification related accessories at Lowes.

Home DepotHome Depot Logo

Home Depot has an impressive variety of different air purifiers. It features such brands as New Comfort, Winix, GermGuardian, Honeywell, BlueAir, SPT, Rabbit Air, Hoover, Crane, Brondell, Sharp, IQAir, Envion and more. You can choose between about 150 models and purchase all the required accessories. Just like Walmart and Lowes, Home Depot offers you a chance to check out the models at their brick and mortar stores. I liked the option of buying the purifiers online and then picking them up at the store.

Best BuyBest Buy Logo

Best Buy offers a great selection of air purifier manufacturer brands. Here you can find the popular Honeywell, GermGuardian, and Winix products while getting an opportunity to check out such solid options as Rabbit Air, Dyson, Brondell, and Febreze. Overall, Best Buy offers air purifiers from over 30 different manufacturers. You can buy accessories for each of the models as well. At Best Buy I often see attractive deals, sales, and clearances.

AmazonAmazon.com Logo

This popular online store offers a full specter of air purifier brands available on the market today. You can find the product you want to buy, read customer reviews, and order a delivery. Being an online store, Amazon doesn’t need to spend extra money on brick and mortar shops and the prices there are often the lowest. The only disadvantage is the inability to physically touch the product before buying it. However, the store has a flexible return policy that you can use if you don’t like what you see upon delivery. Out of all the stores that sell air purifiers I consider Amazon to be the best choice due to the wide range of products, generally cheaper prices, easy access, and the highest number of honest customer reviews for each model.

Best air purifier brands


Honeywell Logo

Honeywell is one of the most respected brands on the home appliance market and beyond. The company was founded in 1906 and since then it has been offering various consumer products in different niches from home appliances to aerospace systems. The brand earned a solid reputation among homeowners. In 2016 it ranked 75th in Fortune 500 rating. I view it as the most reputable air purifier brand on the market today.

Holmesholmes logo

Holmes Group was founded in 1982. The company offers consumers a variety of air heaters, humidifiers, fans, and air purifiers. The purifiers manufactured by Holmes are low-market models. Holmes brand is affordable but some models are known for higher than recommended ozone emissions.

Whirpoolwhirlpool logo

Whirpool is a well-known American multinational corporation that sells home appliances, including air purifiers.It was founded in 1911. Whirpool is a respected brand which is popular all over the world. In 2009 Whirpool licensed Master Brands HK Limited to manufacture the air purifier line. The new purifiers are made in Hong Kong. The Whirpool purifiers are moderately priced and come with a 5-year limited warranty. While the variety of models is not too big, I believe that the available purifiers are a good choice for people who like sleek designs and simple control panels.