5 Ways to Remove Cigar Smoke Odor from Your Rental Property

How to remove cigar smoke smell from your home

Everyone knows that smoking in a rental property is a big no-no. So somebody broke the rules and lit one (or a few) up inside your rental property, and now you have to smell that cigar odor? Unfortunately, cigar smoke is even more potent than from cigarettes and can be quite difficult to remove from your home once it has set into all of your porous furniture and linens. It also leaves behind a heavy tar-like residue that can even penetrate hard surfaces like counters and windowsills. Smoking in rental property can be a serious issue, and is one of the biggest complaints that landlord’s have about their tenants.

You may be feeling mad or disgruntled with your former or current tenants for smoking in your rental property–so take a deep breathe of fresh air, and relax for a moment. Follow this guide to find out how to utilize the proper techniques for removing that nasty cigar smoke odor from your rental property.

1. Hire a Professional

There are plenty of professional smoke cleaners for hire who can help you to remove the cigar smoke odor from your rental property. Alas, this can often come at a hefty price. We recommend either giving your local smoke-cleaning professional a call now, or reading on to learn how to remove smoke the DIY way.

2. Install an Air Cleaner for Cigar Smoke

An air purifier is a great addition to any home, as it can help to filter out any toxins or particulate matter and keep your respiratory system healthy. If you are struggling with cigar smoke in your rental property, you will need a cigar smoke air purifier. One of the most effective ways to manage the rancid cigar smoke smell in your rental property is by installing an air purifier that is specialized for removing cigarette/cigar smoke from the air. There are plenty on the market today and several that we highly recommend. Check out our top 4 air purifier for smoke comparison table for finding the right air cleaner for removing cigar smoke in your home. This is going to be your primary mechanism of action for fighting that nasty odor.

3. Clean Your Carpets

Carpets are an especially porous material that just love to trap all the odorous elements from the smoke. Sprinkle a cigar smoke eliminator powdered carpet cleaner on your carpet, let it sit for a few hours, and then use a high-quality vacuum to suck it all out. There are a number of these special cigar smoke eliminators on the market right now. Keep in mind that these chemical cleaners can be poisonous to pets, so look for pet-friendly products or keep your furry friends at bay while your carpets and rugs undergo the cleaning process.

Also consider cleaning especially pungent carpets with a mixture of vinegar and baking soda–this will create a fun bubbly explosion which can then be washed away. Don’t worry, the vinegar smell will fade after a few days or you can use a produce such as febreeze to cover it up in the meantime.

4. Wash Your Linens

Your drapes, clothes, towels, stuffed animals, bed sheets, blankets and other fabric materials love to cling onto that disgusting old smokey odor. Run all of your linens through the washing machine and use a high-quality detergent, hot water, and a cup of vinegar for an extra boost in odor-blasting power. Your clothes might come out smelling a big vinegary, but the smell will fade after a few days the same as it does in your carpets.

5. Consider Purchasing Indoor Plants

Some indoor plants possess great air-purification abilities. One of our favorites is the mass cane plant–but do some homework! There are many different kinds of houseplants that can purify the air from different potential toxins. Placing a few throughout the house can be especially efficient for those who continue to smoke inside rental property.

Regardless of who the perpetrator was or when it happened, leftover cigar odor in your rental property is an unfortunate situation that you will have to tackle head-on if you want your home smelling fresh and clean again. Follow this guide and we are sure you can eliminate that odor!

This article was written by Julia Montague – check out her author bio here