Oransi Max Air Purifier Review

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Oransi Max v HEPA Air Purifier

You may have already read a few Oransi Max Reviews, but I assure you none of them will be as in-depth, independent and unbiased as this one. We do not get paid or offered any incentive for our reviews here at Freshairguide.

I felt it was time to make our own Oransi air purifier review, as Oransi filters were proven to be some of the best dust removers in the industry by one of the largest independent peer review studies.

At first glance, this looks like a well priced, well built air cleaner that gets stunning scores by professionals and consumers alike.

3-Stage Filtration

This model comes with a three-stage filtration system.

A pre-filter captures the largest particles from the air. The main advantage of such filter is that it can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner and doesn’t need to be replaced more often than every couple of years.

The next stage is the test winning Oransi Max V HEPA filter which like all HEPA filters is capable of capturing 99.97% of all airborne particles, but this one tested better than a lot of the competition out there currently.

After that is the activated carbon filter which is great for filtering out odors and smoke.

The Pre-filters, v-HEPA, and activated carbon filters need to be replaced every 12 months.

The replacement v-HEPA filter will cost you around $50. You can find deals for the package (pre-filter + carbon filter+ v-HEPA) on Amazon for about $99.

Anion Emitter

Oransi Max controls

The unit has a built-in negative ion emitter. The ionizer helps the filters collect the contaminated dust particles from the air. It also does a good job neutralizing the positive charges that come from TVs, computers, DVD players, and etc. The ionizer is optional and can be turned on and off depending on your preferences. This feature is ozone-free…an absolute necessity when choosing an air purifier with a built-in ionizer as their worth has been brought into question a number of times.

Dust Sensor

What makes the Oransi Max v HEPA Air Purifier especially good at tackling dust ( and why we gave it our award for the best dust air purifier ) is that it’s equipped with a special dust sensor. It monitors the levels in your room and adjusts the fan speed accordingly. So, along with the test winning filters, this machine is hard to beat for dust collection.

This particular feature is most likely the reason for the higher cost of this product. I believe that it’s worth the money since your lungs and nose can’t sense when the fan speed needs to be changed.

This feature is a real plus for those that suffer from asthma or allergies.


Oransi Max Air purifier side

The design of this unit is rather simple which immediately appealed to me. It has only four buttons and a digital display.

The Oransi Max can be placed against the wall since the air intakes are on the sides and the clean air flows out from the top.

The only design disadvantage, which I found to be a common feature for many air cleaners on the market, is the bright LED light that indicates the unit settings. The light can’t be shut off and might interfere with your sleep since it looks especially bright in a dark bedroom.

Filter Replacement Indicator

The Oransi Max is equipped with a filter replacement indicator which tells you when you need to change your filters. This is a useful feature since people often forget to replace the filters and end up breathing contaminated air and being dissatisfied with their air cleaners.


This air filter is rather quiet. You won’t be able to hear it at the lowest fan setting even when it’s installed 5 feet away.

The other fan settings are a little louder however. If you are a light sleeper, you most likely won’t be able to sleep when the unit is working at the highest fan setting.

According to the reviews, this unit is one of the quietest models that I took a look at. When running on the first three fan speeds, it’s very quiet.


Special attention should be paid to the Oransi 10-year warranty.

The warranty works only if the air purifier is purchased in the U.S. and from an authorized seller.

The unit must be used in accordance with the manual. However, Oransi is not strict about getting the filters replaced right on time. The unit must be connected to the proper power supply. The warranty won’t work in the regions that use 220V.

After reading a good number of the Oransi Max Air Purifier reviews made by customers, I found that Oransi is very good in upholding their 10-year warranty. They readily send replacement parts and sometimes change the whole unit.


  • 3-stage filtration system
  • Dust level sensor
  • Built-in ionizer
  • 10-year warranty
  • Quiet operation
  • Simple design


  • Bright LED light that can’t be turned off
  • Fairly high price

Oransi Max Hepa Air Purifier Review Conclusion

Overall, I’m very satisfied with the number of features this unit has and the positive reviews it gets. It will take up to 24 hours for the air filter to clean the air in a large room so the air quality indicator shows appropriate readings. This unit is powerful enough not to just clean the air but to reduce the visible layers of dust in your house. I would recommend this filter to people who have a bad mite problem in large rooms and are not afraid of the slightly higher cost.

Oransi Max V Hepa Air Purifier Review
  • 92%
    - 92%