10 tips to turn your bedroom into a sanctuary

A Peaceful bedroom

Your bedroom should be an oasis of peace and quiet in this stressful and difficult world. Upon entering your room, you should feel as if you have left your troubles behind and entered a tranquil space where you can relax and unwind.

Turning your bedroom into a sanctuary of peace will help you get a good night’s sleep, ensuring that you get up feeling rested and rejuvenated. Good sleep is scientifically proven to help lower stress levels which in turn will have a positive impact on your overall health.

Follow these 10 tips to turn your bedroom into a Sanctuary and you’ll be sleeping like a baby in no time.

1. Organize your room

Your mother was right – keeping your room neat and tidy is important. Make sure your bed is made every morning as a badly kept bed can create an unpleasant ambiance. Reduce clutter as much as possible. Do you have any unnecessary items, such as books, clothes or gadgets, that you don’t use on a regular basis? Put them in cupboards and or the storeroom. Once you evaluate all the stuff in your bedroom, it’s amazing how much junk you can find that you can get rid of.

Reducing clutter can make your bedroom appear radically different. Besides creating a peaceful atmosphere, a clutter-free room is also easier to clean and keep tidy.

2. Make your room smells great

Research has shown that some scents can really reduce stress levels and even have a sedative effect. Introducing a soothing scent to your room is a great way to relax and get yourself ready for sleep. Since there are a variety of scents on the market, visit an aromatherapy shop and try the variety of scents that are available. While scents such as lavender and jasmine are popular, everyone has their personal preferences so select something that puts you into a tranquil frame of mind.

Any strong household odor can be bad and whilst introducing nice smelling scents into your bedroom can help, all they are really doing is masking the underlying odor. If you have any cats or dogs at home, their odor maybe making it more difficult to keep your bedroom smelling nice. If this is the case, then head on over to our air purifiers for pet odor guide to see how they might help you out.

3. Pay attention to air quality

In your home you would spend the most amount of time in the bedroom. It is crucial, therefore, for you to be careful of the quality of the air that you breathe. This air can contain dust, pollen, mold spores and bacteria that are harmful to your health. This is particularly important if you have asthma or suffer from allergies. Invest in a quiet air purifier specifically designed for the bedroom which will remove harmful airborne particles but will not disturb you while you sleep. There are many excellent air purifiers that are effective and offer great value for money.

4. Think about color

Colors, like smell, have a way of altering our perception. The correct colors can help you to relax and sleep peacefully. Blue, yellow and green have been shown to encourage tranquility and rest. Don’t be afraid to mix and match, according to your personal preferences. Beware, however, that hues like red and purple are more stimulating colors that don’t help to unwind and relax. Similarly, you should avoid bold colors that can be distracting. Think about how you can use furnishings such as rugs and bed sheets to extend your color palette and create a more attractive environment.

5. Arrange your bedside table

Your bedside table should have all the items that can help to put you into a positive and peaceful frame of mind. This can include treasured mementos, spiritual books and photos of loved ones. Your nightstand can also contain a scented candle, essential oils and any medicine that you need to keep close at hand. If you find any items that evoke unpleasant memories, remove them from the nightstand and from your bedroom. Try to surround yourself with items that give a positive vibe. Remember that this is your personal space and should contain things that make you comfortable and at ease.

6. Pay attention to lighting

Many bedrooms have bright fluorescent or LED lights. Consider investing in table or floor lamps with dimmer switches. These will help create a cozier ambiance and help you get ready for bed at night. Having dimmer switches will allow you to reduce the amount of light closer to your bedtime, helping to prepare you for bed. Also consider buying lights that have a warmer hue which will help enhance that cozy atmosphere.

Installing some smart lightbulbs might help add a spot of color changing too. For more information on those and other energy efficient home gadgets, check out our new guide.

7. Buy new furnishings

If you don’t have one, consider purchasing a woolly carpet. A soft carpet will not only help you avoid contact with the cold floor, it will also feel great for your feet. An added bonus is that will help keep your room warm. A soft mattress and a comfortable pillow will greatly improve your sense of well being so don’t stint on buying the best ones that you can afford. Many people have their own preferences in terms of mattress softness, so try a few mattresses before selecting the one you feel is the most comfortable. Soft cotton sheets for warmer climates and, if you live in a cold climate, a warm duvet, can make you sleeping experience that much better.

8. Keep your bedroom work-free

Many people have stressful jobs and it is tempting to work in your bedroom after dinner and before you go to sleep. However, it is important to keep your bedroom as work-free as possible in order to avoid bringing all the worries and anxieties of your job to your home. If you must work, try to do it in a separate room. Your bedroom is your own personal space for you to rest and revitalize so it is vital that you keep your work stresses separate from it. This will also help you to sleep better at night as the last thing you want to do is stay up worrying about workplace issues.

9. Add flora and fauna

Red bed with patterned blanket between lamp and plants in grey bedroom interior. Real photo

Keeping plants in the bedroom can bring many advantages besides their visual appeal. Plants produce oxygen, help maintain humidity and naturally filter airborne impurities. While some people prefer not to keep plants in the bedroom because they produce carbon dioxide at night, this is only produced in small quantities that are not harmful to your health. A small aquarium can also be restful and soothing to your eyes. Watching some fish swimming is well known to have a therapeutic effect, but remember to buy a low-noise aquarium that will not disturb you at night.

10. Consider your daily routine

Organize your things so that they are in harmony with your daily routines. Many of us have morning and nighttime rituals. Having the things we need at the correct places and close at hand can improve our sense of well being. Avoid cluttering up the surfaces in your room, as you will find it difficult to find what you need and will have to move items if you want to keep something on them. Keep the things you have grouped together will help you be better organized, as there is nothing more annoying than looking for your favorite cream in the morning when you are late for work.

Many people suffer from insomnia and other heath related disorders as a result of stress and worry. It is important that your bedroom is a personal sanctuary that lets you relax and recharge yourself. Using the tips in this article, you can create a place where you can let go of all the stresses in your mind and body, get a good night’s sleep and wake up refreshed in the morning, ready to face the world.

This article was written by Julia Montague – check out her author bio here