Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator Review

Enerzen ozone generator

I’ve chosen the Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator to review because it offers the best price-to-quality ratio. For a low price, you can get a high-quality ozone machine that can service large areas.

I appreciated the simple design of the unit with all the necessary options that make it a good choice for homeowners. The generator seems to be designed for commercial use but could be an excellent solution for entire homes and large apartments.

Enerzen is a respectable manufacturer in the world of ozone generators. The company sells several different models depending on the amount of ozone you need to create, which largely depends on the size of the room you wish to sanitize.

Enerzen Ozone Generation Capabilities

Enerzen make three different versions of this Ozone Generator:

  • Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator 6,000mg
  • Enerzen High Capacity Commercial Ozone Generator 11,000mg
  • Enerzen Industrial Pro Ozone Generator 12,000mg to 15,000mg with 2 Ozone Plates

The three versions are simply different sized models capable of producing anywhere between 6,000mg all the way up to 15,000mg of Ozone respectively. So, you need to decide on how large of a space you are adding ozone to, in order to choose which generator to buy.

Check out this quick guide to see how to select the correct sized Ozone Generator.

No matter what amount of sanitized air your ozone generator is powerful enough to generate, all you have to do is open all doors and leave the generator to work for a couple of hours.

Remember, you shouldn’t come back home until an hour passes AFTER the generator turns off.

Enerzen ozone generators do an excellent job getting rid of all types of odors. If you have old cigarette smoke smell which even smoke removal air purifiers can’t handle, then you have a much tougher job on your hands. Perhaps the odor has been around for a long time and has been allowed to penetrate fabrics and furniture, this ozone generator can remove it all after the first run.

The Enerzen ozone generator also deals with viruses, bacteria, mold, and mildew. It’s a good choice for basements, attics, bathrooms, and other places where mold might be reigning.

If you’re looking for a less invasive and more long term maintenance solution to keeping viruses and bad bacteria out of your home, then you might want to checkout our new guide on air purifiers designed to beat viruses and germs.

With proper maintenance, this unit can run for up to 20,000 hours without repair. For an average household, you would only need to turn it on for a couple of hours twice a week. By doing simple calculations, you can figure out that this ozone generator can last a lifetime.


Enerzen ozone generator - designThe design of this ozone generator is simple. However, it has all that’s needed for proper operation. It’s essentially a metal box with an analog timer. However, since the ozone generator is not something you have to keep in your room at all times, the design is not that important.

The machine is equipped with a handle, which makes it easy to carry from one room to another and you can fold the handle so the unit doesn’t take up too much space when stored.

The machine is made of industrial-grade aluminum alloy with powder coating.

The unit’s dimensions are 6.8 x 8 x 5.8 inches. It weighs only five pounds. Compared to similar devices, this generator is extremely compact.

You don’t need to put the unit together. It comes ready for use. All you have to do is plug the generator into a 110V outlet, set the timer, and leave the room.

Enerzen Ozone Generator Maintenance

This ozone generator comes with ceramic ozone plates. They are highly durable and can work for up to 6,000 hours without replacement. These plates must be cleaned on a regular basis, depending on how heavily you use them.

Even though it takes only a few minutes to clean these plates, many homeowners forget to do it, thus reducing their lifespan. The cost of a replacement plate is about $20, which seems fairly expensive when compared to the price of the unit.

This machine doesn’t have any internal filters that need cleaning and replacement. However, it’s important to keep the unit itself clean by wiping the case down after each use. Putting the machine away after it has finished working can keep it in stellar condition for as long as possible.

Enerzen Noise Levels

Many ozone generators that I’ve reviewed are rather loud. This one is an exception. It may be hard to hear it working in the nearby room. In this section, I would like to note once again that it’s better to leave the house when the ozone generator is on.

You’ll see these recommendations in the Enerzen Ozone Generator manual as well. Some people limit themselves to closing the door of the room the generator is working in. However, I would recommend running it when you are away from home.

Ozone can be harmful to living cells. If you turn the generator on around people, pets or plants, you may face unfortunate consequences. Living beings experience lung problems while plants may whither.

So to be on the safe side, take your dog for a walk while this ozone generator is doing its job. Take plants out of the room as well.

enerzen ozone generator - fresh air

Enerzen Ozone Generator Special Features

This ozone generator doesn’t have that many special features. In fact, the simplicity of this machine is striking. All it has is a 180-minute timer with 15-minute intervals. If you are used to complex appliances, such as air purifiers, dehumidifiers or thermostats, this simplicity may put you off. In reality though, the essence of an ozone generator is so simple that the machine doesn’t need any special features. Some more expensive models may come with LCD displays and remote controls. However, considering the price you pay for this unit, a timer seems to be more than enough.


As I said earlier, for an average home, this ozone generator is expected to last a lifetime. What does the manufacturer think about its ability to perform? Enerzen offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee warranty and a three-year limited warranty.

I always try to choose units with long warranties. The reason is that if the manufacturer gives a long warranty, it puts trusts in the machine it sells.

Enerzen Certifications and Safety

Since there are a lot of rumors going around about ozone generators being harmful to our health, I always check the model’s certifications when reviewing it.

Enerzen commercial ozone generators are CE and RoHS certified. What does it mean? All units intended for use in the household must comply with the RoHS directive 2011/65 EU. If they do, they are considered safe for use because they don’t contain hazardous substances.

The CE marking means that the product meets EU consumer safety, environmental, and health requirements.

However, none of the above certifications means that ozone is safe for you. You still need to leave the room before running an ozone generator.

  • Low price
  • Lightweight and compact
  • Easy-to-use
  • Simple maintenance
  • Cleans large rooms (up to 4,000 square feet)
  • 3-year warranty
  • CE and RoHS certified
  • Expensive replacement ozone plates
  • No special features

Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator Review Conclusion

After reviewing this ozone generator, I can say that it’s an excellent choice for large homes and commercial property owners who want to keep their air clean and odor-free without paying too much. This unit has a great price-to-quality ratio. The biggest model produces up to 15,000 mg per hour, which is enough to clean a large house or factory in under two hours.

The ozone generator comes with a 3-year warranty and is certified for use in the European Union and is very easy to maintain. With the right care, it can serve you a lifetime.

If you have a large house and suffer from such problems as cigarette smoke, extensive kitchen odors, mold or mildew, this unit can help you improve the quality of your life.

It’s made it into our final list of the best ozone generators, check the link to see what position it came to!

This article was written by Julia Montague – check out her author bio here

Enerzen Commercial Ozone Generator
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