Cigar Smoke Removal

cigar smoking man in chair

A home has to be a place where you are relaxed and happy, and that’s what we all strive for both consciously and otherwise. The home is supposed to be a sanctuary that saves us from the outside world, and we all want our houses to smell and look beautiful. But this is quite a problem for smokers as smoking emits odors that persist.

As soon as this odor gets into a room, it becomes really difficult for it to get out. Cigar smokers find it even harder because cigars have a very robust aroma that a lot of people enjoy whilst its effects are unpleasant to deal with.

What You Can Do

One of the first steps to take in such situations is to reduce your home’s exposure to smoke as much as possible. Although this will increase air quality, limiting your home’s exposure to smoke will also make the home a healthier place for household members that would otherwise have been exposed to secondhand smoke.

It is important for cigar buffs to provide a special cigar lounge mainly for the purpose of enjoying their smoke in peace. This kind of room helps to limit the effects that cigar might have on the rest of the house. Although the cigar lounge will still have the harmful smoke and unwanted odor filling the air in the room, it shields other people in the house from the dangers of secondhand smoke. An air purifier will now come handy if you wish to improve the air quality in the cigar room to help get rid of the smell as much as possible.

It’s popular knowledge that using an air purifier has its advantages and for this purpose. A good quality air purifier can rid the air of cigar smoke. You only need it for just a room. While the smoke it will need to handle will be so much, the square footage the air purifier will have to cover will be minimal. This essentially means that all you need is a relatively small air purifier as you don’t have to get a huge and powerful one.

Another reason is, the purpose of installing an air purifier is specific, and that is to get rid of smoke, and this makes it easier to choose a model that can serve the purpose. There are designs intended to be very efficient as it comes to taking away the odors and smoke particles from the room.

What to Look For

While you already know what you want in an air purifier, it is still important to know the exact technology you should settle for. Indoor air purifiers abound on the market, and they all work differently. For this purpose, a High Efficiency Particulate Air filter in a HEPA air purifier will work perfectly to get rid of the smoke.

This HEPA filters are very efficient in trapping the smallest particles sized as much as half of a micron, and this exactly is what will be needed for optimal smoke removal. The next thing to look out for in an air purifier is its noise level. You have to keep the CADR rating in mind when deciding on your choice of air purifier for you to enjoy your cigar without knowing it’s even there.