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Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier

Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier with HEPA-Pure Filter for Dust

I chose to review the Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier based on its various useful features and positive customer feedback. The HEPA-pure filter is specifically designed to fight micro particles and has very good room coverage for the price.

Lifetime limited warranty and a sleek design make this unit a great model to look into. The T500 model features a washable carbon pre-filter, a built-in ionizer, and three fan settings, however, it doesn’t participate in the CADR program.

Sleek Tower Design

While I’m not a big fan of special designs, this unit might appeal to people due to its sleek build. The tower shape makes this model a great choice for any room since it takes up very little space.

The Alen T500 Tower is rather light (9 lbs.) which makes it very portable. It’s also equipped with a handle so you’ll have no trouble carrying it from one room to another.

The air intake is at the back and the clean air flows out from the front of the unit, which means you will have to place it a little away from a wall.

The T500 is available in a range of great color choices.

Manual Controls

Unlike many modern air purifiers available on the market today, this one is not equipped with any smart sensors to identify the level of the air pollution. There are 3 fan settings. You have to choose the fan setting yourself depending on the amount of dust that needs to be destroyed. However, the ionizer can also be turned off and on manually.

Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier open showing filterFilters

Another unit with a great washable pre-filter.

Usually, pre-filters need to be replaced once in about 3 to 6 months, which can get rather costly. Here you can save money on the replacement pre-filters which adds value to an already pretty affordable air purifier.

The T500 comes with an HEPA-pure filter which is it’s main asset designed to deal with micro particles. However, you can purchase other filters, such as HEPA-fresh (fights dust & odors), HEPA-OdorCell (fights odors and smoke) or HEPA-Silver (fights mold and bacteria) depending on your individual needs.

HEPA filters need to be replaced once in about 6 – 12 months, depending on the use. The prices for them vary from $44 (HEPA-Pure) to $89 (HEPA-OdorCell).

Lifetime Warranty

Alen is famous for offering a lifetime warranty for its products.

I took a closer look at the conditions that need to be satisfied for the warranty to work. I was pleasantly surprised to find out that there are not hidden clauses.

All you need to do is operate the unit in accordance with the manual and keep the filters changed on time, however you can’t transfer ownership or take the unit out of the U.S.

If you purchase the purifier outside the U.S., you need to contact the company for warranty conditions. While I didn’t test the warranty myself, I browsed through various customer reviews to find out that it really works. The manufacturer is ready to ship replacement parts, even though they are not always new.


The manufacturer claims that this unit is very quiet. After reading through various reviews, I can say that this is true only for the lowest fan speed.

The 2nd fan speed is more or less quiet, however it sounds from customer reviews that this setting is more eqivalent to the sound of rainfall.

The 3rd fan speed is loud enough to interfere with your sleep even if you are not a light sleeper. Accordingly, this model can only be used at 1st and 2nd fan speeds in your bedroom.

Meanwhile, there is no annoying “always on” blue lights which often comes with air cleaners and can be a problem for people who like to sleep in complete darkness. The light goes off several seconds after you press any buttons on the control panel.

Energy Efficiency

Alen T500 Tower Controls

This Alen model has an Energy Star rating. However, it just narrowly makes it. Accordingly, it’s hard to say that the unit is completely energy efficient.

When working at its highest speed it burns about 53 watts. After doing some brief calculations, I can’t say that this air filter should take a serious toll on your energy bills even if you use it around the clock.

Coverage Area

The manufacturer claims that this particular model can service a room up to 500 square feet. However, it can only clean such a large area when working at the highest fan speed.

If you are planning to use it in a large room, you must be ready to deal with the loud noise. The unit can clean up to 300 square feet at the second fan speed and only 150 square feet at the lowest fan setting.


  • Washable pre-filter
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Portability
  • Sleek design
  • Large coverage area


  • Loud noise at the highest fan speed
  • Not tested by AHAM

Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier review conclusion

Overall, I can say that I’m satisfied with the number of options this air cleaner is offering its users for a very respectable price.

You can probably find a more cheap large room air purifier around, but in terms of quality, if you do your research and compare different models, you will find that the Alen T500 offers excellent value for money.

In order to get the best results, you have to use it with all the doors and windows closed. You should feel the difference after about a couple of hours of use even in the stuffiest rooms. I would recommend this unit for people who are looking for an air purifier to deal with the dust problem. However, special attention should be paid to the area of the room and the fan settings required to clean in.

  • 89%
    Alen T500 Tower Air Purifier - 89%