Airthereal Pure Morning APH260 Air Purifier Review

Airthereal Pure Morning APH260 air purifier

The Pure Morning APH260 Purifier 7 in 1 True HEPA Filter Air Cleaner comes from Airtheareal, a company which claims that it is dedicated to keeping families healthy and happy by improving indoor air quality around the world.

Airthereal says that is seeks to combat the health hazards present in the air that people breathe by incorporating the latest air cleaning innovations in its products.

But does it? Let’s see how well the Airthereal Pure Morning APH260 measures up.

Filtration System

The main selling point of the Airthereal Pure Morning APH260 Purifier is its comprehensive 7-stage filter. This consists of a Pre Filter, a True Hepa filter, Cold Catalyst Filter, Nano Mineral and Molecular Siev, Activated Carbon Filter.and also a Photo Catalyst Filter.

While the Pre Filter takes care of all the larger particles, the True HEPA can filter particles as tiny as 0.1 microns, so virtually all pollutants are caught. Finally the Carbon Filter removes all the odors and smells that one may encounter, leavving the air smelling fresh and clean. Things that commonly affect people such as dust, pollen, mold spores, pet dander and tobacco smoke are all caught by this multi-stage filtration system.

Helpfully, the air cleaner has a PM2.5 Indicator that starts flashing when it’s time to change the filter so you don’t have to worry about keeping tabs on when that needs to be done.

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I particularly like the fact that, despite having a powerful filtration system, the Pure Morning is relatively compact and not too heavy, so it can easily be moved around. The combination of portability and the ability to clean most rooms that one would encounter in a domestic environment means that it can be used in a wide variety or rooms, cleaning the air in large rooms while also fitting in discreetly into smaller rooms.

While it can’t be described as a stunning piece of design, its visually unobtrusive appearance allows it to blend into a variety of décor.

Smart Options

Air Quality Monitor

Often, people realize that the air quality in the house is bad only when they develop allergies. Obviously this is not the ideal way to gauge if the air you are inhaling is bad or not.

The Pure Morning APH260 has an air quality monitor and PM2.5 sensor which indicates air quality in real time so you don’t have to wait till you develop nasty allergies to know that it is time to switch on the air filter.

Once the sensor warns you, all you have to do is keep it on until the value goes below 20, after which the unit can be switched off.

On/Off Timer

There is an On/Off timer that lets you automatically turn the air cleaner on or off. Once the unit has been on for between 1 to 12 hours for example, the user can specify that it should be switched off.

Smart Auto Mode

This mode allows the air purifier to monitor air quality and automatically adjust fan speed in order to purify the air more efficiently.

3-Speed Fan

The fan has three speeds so you can adjust the fan to low, medium or high speeds according to the air quality and the room’s size.

UVC Light and Anions

Once the air has been subject to comprehensive filtration, it passes through ultraviolet light that kills powerful bacteria. If you are a health freak like me, you will really appreciate this feature.

This is particularly useful for enclosed spaces and rooms where pregnant women, sick people and other vulnerable individuals spend time.

Noise Levels

The Pure Morning APH260 operates very quietly and shouldn’t disturb anyone in a typical domestic environment. The unit also has a sleep mode which sets the fan to the lowest setting so that it produces the least amount of noise. However, some people, particularly those sensitive to external noise, may find it a little disturbing when the fan is at the fastest level.

At the highest setting, the purifier produces 61 dB. You can compare it to the sound of conversational speech. This may not be suitable for working or watching TV. However, you should only use the Turbo setting for the first few hours of your air purifier’s work. Then you can go on to the quieter speeds.

The noise produced by general and allergen settings is comparable to the sound of a refrigerator working. It shouldn’t interfere with your everyday activities. If you aren’t a light sleeper, you can use either of them during the night as well.

I feel confident recommending this as a great air purifier for the bedroom

Coverage Area

With a CADR rating of 152+ CFM, the Pure Morning is able to clean the air of rooms measuring up to 33m2, so it will have no problem working in most rooms in the house.

In addition, it can effectively be used in offices and commercial environments, though obviously it will not function effectively in rooms that exceed its maximum size rating.


The Airthereal Pure Morning APH260 Purifier comes with a 2 year limited warranty. This means it doesn’t include the HEPA filter which must be replaced every 6 months.

Airthereal Pure Morning APH260 Purifier Review Conclusion

The Airthereal Pure Morning APH260 Purifier can be recommended because it is one of the cheaper air purifiers to have a HEPA filter.

This filter is combined with additional methods of filtration to deliver comprehensive filtration that really remove most airborne pollutants. In addition, it has a variety of features that will be useful to most owners.

Its ability to function in rooms of varying sizes, combined with its compactness and portability, should allow it to work in a wide variety of domestic environments from small apartments to large houses. A possible disadvantage is that the fan can be noisy in its highest setting, so that could be a factor to those sensitive to extraneous noise.

On the whole, however, the Airthereal offers solid value and is likely to be particularly useful to those who are sensitive to air quality and are looking for a portable unit that will discreetly blend into a variety of rooms.

This article was written by Julia Montague – check out her author bio here