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AeraMax 300 Air Purifier

AeraMax 300 Air Purifier – Allergy and Asthma 4-Stage Purification

I’ve decided to make an Aeramax 300 large room air purifier review as it has what looks like a very capable 4 stage purification system. This is of particular interest to any allergy sufferers, as they require levels of air purification much higher than those who do not suffer from allergies.

According to industry reviews, the Aeramax 300 excels at dealing with plant pollen, dust mites, and other pollutants that can cause an allergic reaction.

This air cleaner is recommended for use in areas up to 600 square feet so most basements qualify. Of all our Aeramax air purifier reviews, this is the largest of the machines they offer.

This particular model is CARB rated and certified by the Asthma and Allergies Foundation of America. It’s equipped with sensors that determine the level of air contamination and has a special mode for the flu and cold season.

4-Stage Purification

I decided to take a close look at the Aeramax 300 purification technology since it’s what makes this air filter stand out of the crowd.

The first stage is the carbon pre-filter. It fights odors and captures large particles. Then the TrueHEPA filter goes on to remove all dust mites, plant pollens and other airborne irritants.

The AeraSafe antimicrobial filter protects the TrueHEPA filter from the mold, mildew, and bacteria. The unit is also equipped with an ionizer (PlasmaTRUE technology) that helps the filter remove even the smallest airborne pollutants.

The carbon filter needs to be replaced once in about 3 – 4 months. The TrueHEPA filter can be changed once in about 9 – 12 months and the unit is equipped with a filter indicator that will tell you when the filters need to be replaced.

AeraSmart Sensor

aeramax air filter good for allergies

This is my favorite detail in the aeramax 300.

The sensor automatically detects the pollution level in the air and adjusts the fan speed to keep it pure.

Since the only way we humans can detect airborne allergens is through our bodies, when our only indicators (sneezing and coughing) kick in, it’s usually too late to turn on the purifier.

This sensor keeps the air clean at all times while saving you energy. The fan in this unit is far from being quiet so running it on high at all times is not acceptable for many people.

The sensor regulates the speed according to the air quality and this makes it a very useful feature. You can also check out the air quality yourself by looking at the indicator. Blue means that the air is clean, amber – poor air quality, and red – highly contaminated air.

Aera+™ Mode

This air purifier has an Aera+™ Mode for cold and flu season. The manufacturer claims that this mode increases the air turnover rate by 50 %. What it means, in reality, is that the air filter works on higher fan speed and uses more energy.


I liked the simple yet sleek design of this unit.

It’s a good choice for a basement since the air intake works from the right and the left side. meaning there is no problem with putting the unit against the wall so it doesn’t take up too much space.

The air cleaner features air grates that can be adjusted to regulate where the airflow goes. This might not seem to be the most useful feature for people who don’t use the basement often, but even during the short time you spend there, air flowing directly at you can be annoying.

Noise levels

Different people have different noise sensitivity. This unit seems to be rather noisy when working on the highest setting unfortunately.

Since it has a sensor that tells it when to switch the fan speed, you can be woken up by the noise levels suddenly changing. Again, this is only a problem for light sleepers since a basement air filter is usually far enough away from the bedroom.

This matter might be important for people who have guest rooms in the basement. One more problem for sleepers: an indicator light that can’t be turned off. If you like sleeping in full darkness, this feature is a disadvantage.

aeramax 300 air filter

Easy Use

This is most certainly one of the easiest Air filters to operate.

When it arrives, all you have to do is remove the wrapping from the internal filters and plug it in.

I read that some people complained about the plastic smell coming from the unit, however, this sounds like a short term problem, and the majority of people with this device have not made any complaints about this.


The manufacturer offers a 3-year limited warranty which I find sufficient. Long warranty usually speaks for the high quality of the product. Considering that this unit is rather moderately priced, such a long warranty is an advantage.


  • 4-stage purification technology
  • Moderate price
  • Asthma and allergy friendly
  • Sleek design
  • Easy operation


  • Loud noise at highest fan settings
  • Bright air quality indicators that can’t be turned off

AeraMax 300 review conclusion

Overall, this air cleaner for the basement gets glowing reviews from industry professionals and individual users alike. Apparently, the Aeramax 300 really does what the manufacturer claims: clears the air from all the allergens. There are bountiful reports from allergy sufferers extolling the virtues of this fantastic air cleaner.

Good air purifiers that can service a large area are hard to find, especially those with a moderate price tag like this one. This model is designed to fight that musty basement odor while saving you money on the energy bills.

I would highly recommend this air purifier for allergy or asthma sufferers with large basements.

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