Julia & Fin created Freshairguide to help cut through some of the advertising buzz words to help educate people looking to buy an air purifier on what they should really be paying attention to.

Recently it seems as though the air purification industry has been increasing the number of filter options with increasingly complicated names and descriptions. From  Electrostatic precipitators to charged media filters. Our aim is to use our expertise in the field to analyze these machines in order to cut through the hype and advertising buzzwords surrounding all these new types of air purifiers.

  Julia MontagueHi, I’m Julia.

My father was one of the first HVAC engineers in the US. I started out life doing odd jobs for him back when I was just a teenager. As time went on, my life went in a different direction but about 10 years ago, my father sadly passed away – so I took over the family business.

To this day, I’m still heavily involved in everything surrounding indoor air, so when Fin explained his mission and asked me to join him and write regular articles for Freshairguide – I jumped at the chance!

Hi, I’m Fin.

Pharmaceutical Technician by day, Member of the Amateur dramatics society by night!

Long term sufferer of the dreaded allergies. Horse, cat, dog, dust, and hayfever to name but a few!

Sadly I have passed the affliction onto my children too, which is when I set about my quest to provide better air quality in my home for my family. Willing to suffer quietly myself, but when it started to effect my kids – I said enough is enough!

I used to live in Beijing, China. My first child was born there and as a result of poor genes and even poorer air quality, he developed really bad asthma.

I had to be in China at that time for work, so moving wasn’t an option…but it was killing me seeing my baby boy suffer like that day in day out.

I had to do something…

And that’s what initially led me on my quest to find a way to purify that smoggy air that was filtering into our apartment.

What I learned eventually developed into this completely free air purifier guide.

If you are looking for the best air purifier on the market, then you’ve come to the right place. In my complementary guide, you will find consumer opinions and detailed reviews on each air cleaner from the top brands in the industry. There are devices available for all sorts of room sizes and air quality problems, be it smoke, allergies, mold or pets to name just a few.

And so, you are here. My qualified reviews of air purifiers. I say qualified as:

a) I work in the medical research field and quite at home discussing and analyzing all sorts of medical equipment

b) I think cumulatively I have spent upwards of 100 hours researching all of the technology that surrounds the air cleaning industry!

c) I used to live in Beijing, China, which at the time (and probably still to this day) contains some of the most awful, wretched polluted air on the planet!


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