Hi, I’m Fin.

Pharmaceutical Technician by day, Member of the Amateur dramatics society by night!

Long term sufferer of the dreaded allergies. Horse, cat, dog, dust, and hayfever to name but a few!

Sadly I have passed the affliction onto my children too, which is when I set about my quest to provide better air quality in my home for my family. Willing to suffer quietly myself, but when it started to effect my kids – I said enough is enough!

And so, you are here. My qualified reviews of air purifiers. I say qualified as:

a) I work in the medical research field and quite at home discussing and analyzing all sorts of medical equipment

b) I think cumulatively I have spent upwards of 100 hours researching all of the technology that surrounds the air cleaning industry!

c) I used to live in Beijing, China, which at the time (and probably still to this day) contains some of the most awful, wretched polluted air on the planet!