7 Spring Cleaning hacks to save tons of time

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Spring is a period normally characterized as one of rebirth. A time to start afresh and a time to renew our inner spaces by taking out time to do chores around the house that we’ve put off for so long. The days will get brighter and you will see dirt and dust all over your home that you didn’t notice before now in the winter. Good thing is, the long evenings in the spring are ideal for some extra cleaning.

In a bid to renew the inner spaces in our homes, we will also be taking inventory, paying attention to potential problems and getting rid of unnecessary clutter.

A clean home means your home is free from pests that may have invaded your home and while it might feel good to know your home is tidy and sparkling, it’s even better to know your home is free of pests.

Asides the many opportunities that come with cleaning in spring, it also comes with its own hassles and we’ve curated a few tips on how best we believe you can clean your home in the spring. Below are 7 awesome hacks on how you can clean and love your home again this spring.

7 cleaning tips for spring

Declutter First

It is important to regularly create time to declutter your home even before cleaning during spring. Bring together any old or unwanted like books, clothes, ornaments and toys. Decluttering your space is also a therapeutic exercise that will make you feel great after sorting everything in your home.

Prepare Your Kit

Just before you get into the thick of cleaning, ensure you have all your cleaning supplies ready. Some cleaning essentials that you may need include bin bags, gloves, sponges, bleach, cloths, brushes and all purpose towels.

Work from the Top Down

One thing you should ensure you do is to clean from the ceiling down to the floor. Clean the ceiling and fixtures on the wall first and then move to cleaning and mopping the floor. This makes the whole cleaning process easier.

Leave Windows for a Cloudy Day

Ensure you wash your windows only on a cloudy day. This is simply because direct sunlight will dry the windows too quickly and leave streaks and patterns on it.

Don’t Forget the Fridge & Freezer

Take out time to clean your fridge and freezer before you go for grocery shopping just when the contents are lowest. Wipe the interior of the fridge with a disinfectant and a damp cloth. You could do this for food cupboards too if you think it’s necessary.

Clean Curtains & Blinds

Most people will often neglect curtains and blinds in their routine cleaning sessions but unknowingly, the could collect significant amounts of dirt. While some curtains can be machine washed and others dry cleaned, it is important to always check their labels and follow fabric instructions.

Invest in Whole-Home air purification

After cleaning your home thoroughly, investing and installing a high-capacity air purifier in your home will noticeably help to cut down on allergens, bacteria, viruses or dust . A whole-home system will help to improve the air throughout your house whenever you need it and anytime your air conditioner is up and running. This will help you maintain a healthy and comfortable home.

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